Your incoming travel agency in Pyrenees - Costa Brava

With a long tradition and experience of travelling abroad, our packages offer you something a little different. We specialize in intimate groups of smaller size where you can enjoy a privileged relationship with your guide, who is both the designer and the framer of your trip. Very often the respect and friendship which grow between our guides and clients result in a long term commitment to jointly explore the planet, trip after trip.

Forts of a unique history, our mountain guides keep alive the enthusiasm and technical expertise of our fore bearers, themselves pioneers in the exploration and maintenance of the Pyrenees and of mountain ranges worldwide.

Today, we continue innovating and evolving, while never losing sight of those essential values which remain our foundation, our mutual respect for each other and for our environment, as well as the pleasure of making magical and lasting memories. 

Here you can explore some of our suggested itineraries.

Walking and Gastronomy | 8 days | Cultural
Walking Costa Brava | 7 days | Cultural