For 25 years, I’ve been travelling over our region’s trails and roads, visiting every corner of it. I organize backpacking trips throughout the Pyrenees and other mountain ranges over the world. My specialty is in the oriental part of the Pyrenees, where I visit places usually hidden or simply forgotten. You’ll enjoy backpacking alongside wonderful anecdotes and the history of the mountain range, where I live all year round. This is my area of expertise and I want to share it with you.
If you choose to backpack on your own with Self-guided, I’ll provide you with the road-book and maps of the region, reservations, transfers of people and luggage, 24-hour assistance, and more, so you’ll have no worries: just enjoy the trip. Rates

We recommended these trekking:

Walking Vall de Camproodon | 7 days | Trekking and Cultural
Grande Randonée Pyrenees | 7 days | Trekking and Cultural
Two days trekking with snowshoes | Difficulty: High | Duration: 2 days | From 90 €/pax
Tour of the Canigó | Difficulty: High | Duration: 3 days | Rates: From 250 €/pax