Nature knoledge

At the Guies Roc Blanc mountain school you’ll be able to gain knowledge about fundamental techniques needed to go to the highest and most difficult peaks. With the orientation course, you’ve got a guaranteed experience base to safely organize your trips and enjoy the mountains without any problems. Teaching professionals and helpful guides who’ll help and encourage you to make progress. Rates

Orientation with your children: Restaurant Can Jordi (Espinavell)
Orientation with your children | Duration: 1 day | Minimum 4 people | From 35 €/pax
Orientation course 1 day: 
Orientation Course | Duration: 1 days | Minimum 4 people | 55 €/pax Include lunch in Can Jordi
GPS Course | Duration: 1 days | Minimum 4 people | 55 €/pax | Include lunch in Can Jordi
Nature knowledge and snow scienceVallter 2000
Nature knowledge and snow science | Duration: half days | Minimum 2 people  | From 35 €/pax