Who we are

I’ve traveled over most of the great ranges, both on foot and on mountain bike: the Andes, Alps, Atlas, Pyrenees, Munroes, Sierra Nevada. I’ve experienced unforgettable moments, and now I want you to do the same.
I thrive on human values, respect, organization, honesty and responsibility. I can easily work guided by these, because my job is my passion.
I’ve always asked myself the question: “Why..?”. Because of this, we’re able to offer flexibility and the capacity to suit your needs and give you as much benefits and satisfaction as possible. 
Guies Roc Blanc are very respectful of the laws, for this reason you can check the Insurance that we have:

Xavier Mas Soler
Técnic d'Esports en Mitja Muntanya.
Arquitecte Técnic

Where you will find us